Wang, Jian-guo

Translators’ Thinking Modes and Translations

Wu, Min-Hua

The Tang Poetry Regained: Teaching Tang Poems with

Hu Pin-ching’s and Xu Yuanzhong’s English Translations as a Contrast and Complement   

Hung, Tao

The Language Register and Social Stratification in David Hawkes’s The Story of the Stone and their Relation with English Literary Conventions

Hsu, An-Nie

Translation of “the Translation”: The Chinese Translations of Walter Moers’ Zamonien Novels „Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher“ and „Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Büche

Chang, Ya-Hui

One Look is Worth More Than a Thousand Words: Jin Ping Mei as an Example

Wong, Tin-Kei

The Reconstruction of Hongloumeng’s Subtle Emotional Drama in David Hawkes’ The Story of the Stone

Chao, Hsing-Hao

“To Make a Good One Better”:

The Most Immediate Predecessor of the King James Bible

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